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 Wallpaper, wall mural panel, Self Adhesive (Peel and Stick) or Vinyl material

Welcome to our Store oliprint-art.com our Wallpaper Shop. For our customers we propose a large choice of wall mural panels for create your new interior room. Oliprint-art create your wallpaper. You can choose material like:  self adhesive (peel and stick, removable wallpaper panel) or Vinyl material like a regular walllpaper. Here you can find large choice of the styles of wallpaper, available on Oliprint for your interior decoration. If you choose Removable Wallpaper (wall mural, Self Adhesive, Peel and stick) so your wall must be Absolutely Smooth without any texture or Vinyl,Vinyl Varnish materials (need glue,easiest to install,like a Regular Wallpaper,can be remove easiest with a water.The base is made of high-density vinyl).  Each style of wallpaper will accent your individuality. Here our categories: Wallpaper Design,wallpaper Tropical, wallpaper Kids, wallpaper Flowers, Wallpaper Graffiti, wallpaper Nature, wallpaper City, wallpaper Concrete, wallpaper Fashion Woman, wallpaper Wood,wallpaper Chinoiserie .And our New Categorie Wallpaper Line for your room Interior. Become your own interior designer,artist or someone who loves change.Decorate your walls with Stylish Wall Mural. Create your well-being space.Home Sweet Home!

Art Wallpapers for any Room Decor

WallPaper Kids

wallpaper for kids childrens wall mural magical forest oliprint-art removable wallpaper panels art decor peel and stick

WallPaper Tropical

wallpaper tropical oliprint-art removable wallpaper panels art decor peel and stick

WallPaper Design

WallPaper Graffiti

WallPaper Flower

Wallpaper Line


Wallpaper Art Deco

wallpaper removable art deco decor peel and stick vinyl oliprint art

Wallpaper Chinoiserie

Wallpaper Dog&Cat

wallpaper removable dog cat decor animals pets peel and stick vinyl oliprint art

Wallpaper Minimalist

wallpaper removable minimalist decor peel and stick vinyl oliprint art

WallPaper City

WallPaper Concrete

WallPaper Nature

WallPaper Wood

WallPaper Fashion

Custom Order !

You have a Special Project? We are at your service !
Do you have any questions about it? We’ll study your project for give you the best solutions, as soon as possible! Send us the dimensions of your wall so we can offer you a digital preview!

We give you the best solution for your own décoration project! Your custom wallpaper !

WallPaper, Canvas it’s a Contempory interior Design with Oliprint !

Canvas printed, Wallpaper, Adhesive Vinyl it’s a wide range of products available on Oliprint, for all styles of Decoration..We select artists, visuals to always guarantee an exclusive décoration. Wallpapers And Canvas Now Available for your decoration! Discover our wide range of designer wallpapers, Decor Frame, available for purchase online available … Our Wallpaper for a contemporary Design, Wallpaper Flower, Nursery, Wallpaper Hood, Wallpaper Concrete, with Oliprint All is possible!

Wallpaper and Canvas, for your Decoration

Wallpaper, canvas, decoration for your interior design, industrial,
nursery, watercolor, wallpaper nature, city, texture, pattern,
the best choise for your decoration, Architectural Style, contempory design, fashion style

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