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If you love the loft style we have a good solution!

juin 26, 2021

Wall Mural Concrete or wallpaper Industrial. For those who love the loft style is the Best solution for your interior.

Modern stylistic solutions of leading designers amaze, surprise and at the same time delight. Loft is a direction of industrial design, which assumes the presence of walls decorated with concrete structures like slabs or brick walls.The history of architecture tells that everything began in the 40s of the last century. Along with the rapid rise in land prices in downtown New York and other American metropolitan areas, industrial enterprises were forced to relocate production to the suburbs. Their empty industrial buildings began to be sold as housing for little money. Representatives of the New York bohemia took advantage of this and turned former industrial buildings into stylish apartments.

Today, the Loft style is one of the main trends in the Western design world.
The unusual dullness of the walls and the feeling of an industrial zone in a living room has become a breakthrough in many design directions. A similar charm from peeled concrete has become the hallmark of many famous architects who have received worldwide recognition.Loft-style interiors are always chosen by creative people who value practicality, exclusivity and minimalism.The great advantage of this style is that the Loft does not require huge costs and investments.
In the loft space, elements of the past (raw brick walls, old frames, metal stairs and ventilation systems) naturally look alongside modern equipment, practical lighting systems, chrome details and mirrors.

It is also possible to create the atmosphere of the most expensive style in design not only thanks to the special and complex plastering of the walls, but also by gluing our designer wallpaper of the Loft style. You can easily create the impression of an ultra-fashionable space in your interior.

Oliprint designers will tell you how to recreate such a surface and plunge into the atmosphere of a Loft in your home.Maybe you will like Wallpaper Concrete for your living room? Or Wallpaper Brick for create industrial design in your bedroom? Here on our website a unique collection of photo prints in the Loft style has been created for you. Here you will find many original ideas for your interior.

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