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How choose the Best Color for your Wall Mural

juin 7, 2021

Correctly selected wallpaper is a guarantee of comfort and harmony in the house. How you can correctly combined with furniture and the general home style of your interior?
How you can start? First of all, you need to decide on the color of the wallpaper.
How  to choose wallpaper?

To do this, you need to answer for 3 questions:

1. What kind of atmosphere do you want  create work or  relaxing? For a relaxing ambience we advise wallpaper in pastel shades like Garden with Birds. Or you can decorate the your walls in blue like Wallpaper Nature with blue sky or green like Tropical wall mural.
More energetic colors for wall room are: red, orange or  yellow. Maybe all colors at the same time? Then our Graffiti Wallpapers  for you!
2.What kind of lighting is in your room? If the lighting is bright, it is better to use wallpaper in cold shades: blue, green, purple. You can make your design very original with our Wallpaper Design.This wallpaper will be with Sparkles texture, if you choose it in the material vinyl.

For rooms with insufficient sunlight or artificial light, wallpaper should be light, we have a solutions. You can find this type of wallpaper on our website in the Wallpaper Minimalist or Wallpaper Fashion Woman
3. How to choose wallpaper for furniture to create harmony in the interior? Try to play with color and pattern combinations,it will make your decor original and unforgettable.

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