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What type of Wallpaper can I choose for a my Walls?

juin 26, 2021

Which wallpaper material to choose? You ask yourself when the time comes to decorate a new space.We have an answer. Here are three of our best materials in detail

Vinyl material – It is our Best material (Non Toxic, need glue,easiest to install,like a Regular Wallpaper,can be remove easiest with a water.The base is made of high-density vinyl. Small texture)
You can use any Glue for a Regular Wallpaper.The Glue is applied directly to the wall (Only to the Wall ) and then you apply the wallpaper gradually.)

Vinyl Varnish – Vinyl Varnish like Vinyl material but varnished (colors brighter on it)

Self Adhesive material (Peel and Stick) Thin film. Easiest to remove. But so that the Self Adhesive wallpaper sticks well, your wall must be Absolutely Smooth, Without ANY Texture, almost like Glass! If no, it will not stick.

Now you can choose one of these materials for your interior and buy wall mural of your dreams..Like  Wallpaper Abstract  or Wallpaper Chinoiserie for romantic atmosphere or maybe Nursery magical world. It will be your choice


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