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Tropical Style in your Interior

juin 16, 2021

Tropical style in the interior is aimed at relaxation, comfort, simplicity and hospitality. Would you like to feel at home as on a Tropical Coast? We are sure that it is possible!

You can always achieve the atmosphere of a sea paradise with our  Wallpapers Tropical 😊

When we talk about the theme of the Tropics, the first thing that comes to mind is water and plants. We suggest choosing a palette of blue and green shades. This color scheme is perfect for creating a Tropical Style in your interior. You can make a theme in different colors, from delicate pastels to aggressive and bright colors. You can also pick up some accessories such as vases or paintings. For example,Coral tone of towels, multi-colored pillows for sofa, also, will be very beautiful here.

Also we want to say that Palm leaves will help you to plunge into the atmosphere of a warm island like our Wallpaper Jungle Tropical and it does not matter if these are living plants or a tropical pattern on the wallpaper.

This decor is suitable for hall and living rooms as well as dining rooms or bedroom. If tropical plants do not take root in the climate where your live, then you can find a good solution with interior like Wallpaper Palm Tropical Folliage wall mural.

Due to the high humidity, wind and sand in the tropics, the floors in such houses are always practical. Any material that is easy to sweep and clean is suitable, such as bamboo, brick or tiles.

Surfaces and décor in a Tropical interior should be natural, ecological and a little rough, like a Palm Tree trunk or a coconut. Therefore, it is worth reproducing exactly this roughness in the textures.

To complete the look, to give the room an Island character and uniqueness, our designers recommend that you decorate the interior with metal figurines or thematic panels.

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