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If you love the loft style we have a good solution!

For those who love the loft style – Wall mural concrete is the Best solution for your interior. Modern stylistic solutions of leading designers amaze, surprise and at the same time delight. Loft is a direction of industrial design, which assumes the presence of walls decorated with concrete structures like slabs or brick walls.The history […]

What type of Wallpaper can I choose for a my Walls?

Wallpaper Tropical Palm wall mural oliprint art peel and stick removable vinyl

Which wallpaper material to choose? You ask yourself when the time comes to decorate a new space.We have an answer. Here are three of our best materials in detail Vinyl material – It is our Best material (Non Toxic, need glue,easiest to install,like a Regular Wallpaper,can be remove easiest with a water.The base is made […]

Tropical Style in your Interior

wallpaper wall mural tropical decor tropic wall peel and stick tiger removable

Tropical style in the interior is aimed at relaxation, comfort, simplicity and hospitality. Would you like to feel at home as on a Tropical Coast? We are sure that it is possible! You can always achieve the atmosphere of a sea paradise with our  Wallpapers Tropical 😊 When we talk about the theme of the […]

OliPrint-Art Wall mural, our e-shop will Decorate your World!

OliPrint-Art Wall mural, our e-shop will Decorate your World! New Look, new Design by OliPrint-Art. Specializes in wall mural,wallpaper,Peel and Stick,Removable murals,Self Adhesive,Vinyl or Vinyl Varnish material. New products  in our e-shop. Make the wall decoration of your Dreams! Consult our different styles of wallpapers, such as: Wallpaper Design, Wallpaper Minimalist, Wallpaper Tropical, Wallpaper Nursery, […]

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