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What Wallpaper design choose for your Children’s room?

novembre 12, 2022

How to choose wallpaper for your Children’s room?

Wallpaper design for a girl or a boy can be interesting at any age! Kids wall decor in Pink or Blue, beige or gray tones. This whole variety of colors can now be found in our store!

Firstly, choose the  colors, those that go well with your design room and furniture. then choose a picture, this is the most interesting! For boys, a nautical theme or the theme of astronauts and stars is suitable. Well, for girls, of course, a castle with princesses and a magical forest with fairies. But it happens that you want something neutral, gentle tones and discreet pictures. No problem, in this case, a world map or a delicate landscape with animals is perfect for your nursery. Sometimes clients ask us, is it possible to print a picture they found on Google on wallpaper? we are always glad to new tasks. send a picture and we will draw a design similar to this for you. Custom size? No problem, you just need to write to us on the contact page, and we will contact you immediately! Perhaps, you want to change the product you like on our website? Everything is possible for our designers. change the size of the wallpaper, color and add or remove characters in the picture, our team will do everything possible for you. All for delight your children with a new beautiful wall in the room!

If you want visually expand your Kids room. How turn it more spacious and airy:

1.To make a space appear larger and the ceiling higher, pick patterns with cool-color backgrounds, such as green, blue, or violet.

2.The furniture in the room should be non-massive, slightly raised in light colors. These tips will give a visual sense of space.

3. Add mirrors! This is a great way to enhance the space of any room. Especially girls will be very happy with such an element in their room.

4.Properly selected lighting also greatly affects the perception of the picture in the room. High floor lamps, large lampshades,dotted spots. Everything is suitable for accentuating Wallpaper with magical children’s world. By the way, any type of wallpaper will suit. Peel  and stick( Self Adhesive), Vinyl or  Vinyl Varnish materiels, can satisfy any consumer. Self Adehsive will be perfect for smooth walls. And for bumpy surfaces Vinyl will be an excellent material (this will hide all the imperfections of the selected wall).

5. Wallpaper in beige and white colors. For very small rooms it is the best solutions. It is better to use beige and very light colors. This will reflect the light from the window and the space will seem much more spacious.

6.Line pattern wall mural or 3d Photo Wallpaper. This is important for an accent wall. Line drawings will create an optical effect, visually enlarging the wall. The 3D Photo Wallpaper with an optical effect can make magic in your bedroom immediately, immersing you in the world of nature, a new city or the world of animals and birds.

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