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Wallpaper Peel and Stick, for a Tropical Design

For your interior design. The Self Adhesive Wallpaper tropical is the best solution. With Oliprint art, a large choice of vinyl and decals or peel and stick. A bed room with an style, a tropical design, banboo design, a jungle for your own decoration. It’s easy to use ! You can take command in built to order, and we customise your wall paper in the good tall. Inspired by a relaxed and sunny art of living, the tropical style brilliantly juggles freshness and warmth to enter our interiors. Galvanized by his strong interest in lush plants and natural materials, his love for shimmering colors and solar prints, the tropical style is credited with qualifying for its aura that is both inspiring and daring. Because it is quite the opposite of the minimalist style that the tropical atmosphere springs up with its XXL patterns, its ultra-pigmented colors, its accumulation of plants and its taste for natural fiber furniture ranging from the essential rattan to the most sober cane. Too busy for some and a staple classic for others, the tropical style stands the test of time.

An Oliprint-art Design Style.

While benefiting from the comeback of handmade and sustainable materials, rattan, cane, bamboo and solid wood remain inseparable elements of the tropical style. And for good reason, they fit nicely on the seats with comforting curves, on the large dining tables that claim authenticity but also, more surprisingly, on suspensions and other more discreet furniture. Raw, tinted and according to the forest species, these materials evoking distant and undoubtedly sunny lands breathe an additional exotic note into the decoration. Sometimes by bringing a rather soft character, sometimes by injecting a dose of nature in total adequacy with the rest of the decoration.

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